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Three Workers’ Comp Benefits for Your Employees


Injuries occurring on the job are unfortunate, but do happen. And when they do, you’ll want to know that your workers are taken care of fully. Your employees could receive one of the several benefits under worker’s compensation. Here are three. 

Workers’ Comp Medical Care

Under OSHA and workers’ compensation laws, the insurance company must pay for all medical treatments that are deemed reasonable and necessary to help cure or relieve your employee’s work-related injuries. Most states allow you to choose the medical center or facility to treat your employee.

Temporary Disability

For time off work and permanent injuries that prohibit your employee from working, workers’ compensation covers them by providing cash benefits. Usually, your employees will receive temporary disability benefits equal to two-thirds of their regular wages.

Permanent Disability

What happens when an injury leads to a permanent impairment after your employee has recovered? Your employee could qualify to receive a permanent disability award. The award is usually in the form of a lump-sum payment, even if he or she returns to work or didn’t suffer any wage loss.

Keep Your Business Safe and Legal

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